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What is an Inoar keratin treatment?

A keratin treatment is a hair straightening treatment that transforms curly hair to straight hair for a long-lasting effect. The Inoar Keratin treatment is a revolutionary product that is rich in minerals such as keratin, white clay and cacao oil. Like Brazilian Keratin Treatments, this formula is efficient in straightening hard-to-manage, frizzy hair.

Turn your curls into strong, sleek and shiny hair with a professional-grade formula. Using natural proteins, this ”magic” formula helps correct split ends and porous hair with molecules that seek out areas of damaged keratin. These molecules then seal gaps and broken parts of the hair, which strengthens hair and improves its appearance. With Inoar treatment, your hair is protected against the elements and gives off a genuine, healthy shine.

This Inoar treatment restores hydration for instant silky, shiny and soft hair. With an original Moroccan formula,  this treatment reduces volume by 80% to 90% on average. The effects of this Inoar hair treatment are long-lasting, with a professional quality.